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idk i don't upload here much i don't like looking at my old stuff and i don't like anything assoicated with this account tbh

i also don't want to publically announce where i'm gonna move to and i might stop drawing some of my characters/replace them, mostly for personal reasons that i don't want to go into because it sucks that i even feel the need to do this

if you're a friend or just a watcher interested in re-watching me if i move, note me or comment and i'll let you know???
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pyro-pyromania-ma-ma-mania | collab by UchawiWild
pyro-pyromania-ma-ma-mania | collab
my half of a collab coonie98 and I are doing! Bones is her fursona on the left, Cecil is of course mine on the right.

this was hella fun
also this is probably the most in-character i've ever drawn cecil. he's such a jerk

bones and art on the left (c) coonie98
cecil and art on the right (c) UchawiWild
how fecken dare u

ok rules
u have to do the question
write about urself 10 whole entire times
u have 2 post rules or somethin

1. i rly like dogs
two. i'm writing a story but it isn't going very well
3. i'm actually writing several stories but whatever
5ive. i have a huge crush on hugh dancy and brad pitt like i'm not even joking
10. matt smith ruined dr who for me tbh. maybe it was the way the dr was written more than smith himself, but i still hate 11 ngl

favorite song?
uhh all those friendly people by funeral suits and fluorescent adolescent by arctic monkeys B)
do you draw with a mouse or tablet?
un tablet. i used to draw with a mouse but now???? no
how many fandoms are you in?
uhhh like 40. who knows. most of mine are probably a one-man fandom where i am literally the only member.
joker and harley, purely because harley can do way better than him.
i'm guessing this is OT3?? batman, joker and jokester B)

my questions

how big is ur dong reply in comments

tagging lolimlolx and AngelCakkes
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10   
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry!

Ten Facts About Me
1. i really like names that begin with the letter a, or have multiple Ls in them
2. tbh i think trxye is really good (especially fun)
3. throughout my entire childhood (well up until i was about 13) i was obsessed with the tv show Arthur, and since the age of three or so i wanted to BE him. like, i used to wear lenseless glasses and a yellow jumper and call my dog pal and pretend my sister was dw and everything like i was a really sad child. i still love that show
4. i love the english language so much that if it was a person i would marry it. talk about books to me and i will get a big dick bibliography boner
5. my favourite FNAF character is bonnie but i don't care much for the game or its storyline, i only like the concept
6. my ultimate dream is to be a part of some fight-club-esque writer's club, but instead of fighting we write each other poetry and read to each other and make each other characters in our novels and cry over fictional deaths like heck yea someone come here and start that with me
7. i don't use any toilet but my own because i have toilet anxiety and even then i hold it for as long as possible. i was staying over at a friend's house from friday to monday and i didn't use the toilet the entire four days. i thought my bladder was going to rupture omfg
8. mention jack twist and i will cry straight away
9. horror is my passion and i live for twisted tales (be it real or fiction), gore, and morbid things. just sit with me and talk about cannibalism and joseph vacher and inventive ways to hide dead bodies and passion-killing because the entire world is a horrifying mess and i both fear and adore it all
10. i am 0/10 okay with any of the endings for the walking dead game s2 ep5

The questions I was asked (ty shannon ily)
1. What would you do if you woke up one day and you was your favourite OC?
literally cry because i'm p sure cecil is my fave oc but he's literally a 4 ft tall dog i'd look like a really dedicated and short fursuiter. although my other two fave ocs are more human, but one is a 7 year old boy haunted by a dead girl and the other is a human-shark hybrid sooo
2. How do you react when there's somebody hovering over you watching you draw?

if i know them then i tell them to piss off, if i don't know them then i stop drawing until they go away
3. What was your favourite holiday that you've ever been on?

i went to florida for a week which was rly cool and also went to holland for two or three days and that was actually better than florida whoops
4. If you've never been on a holiday before or would go again, where would you like to go?

discovery cove in florida (y) or holland again because holland is hella fricken cool
5. Are your OC's made from little aspects of you or do you make them from your imagination?
yeeeee a lot of my ocs come from me. mostly it's the bad stuff tho like angsty moody stuff or homicidal/others i can't say urges are written into characters to release those kinds of desires
6. If you could share the personality traits with any fictional character in any fandom who would it be?
oooooo shit um. well i think my favourite fictional characters are jack twist and donnie darko and i already feel i'm very similar to donnie so..?? maybe i'd like to share with jack, i don't know. i think i relate to jack a lot already so it woudn't be any different. maybe i'd like both their courage, since donnie saved the world despite nobody listening to him and jack not only was a rodeo boy but wasn't afraid to live a life with a man in a homophobic world
7. What is your Zodiac Sign and does it relate to you?
i'm a pisces though fun fact i was brought up for like eight years being told i was aries. i don't know if i think that pisces agrees with me or not because some horoscopes and stuff are like???? idk how much of it all i believe
8. If you had to go to prom but the only dress you had was from a cosplay, would you still go?

i have too much anxiety drawing attention to myself just going to school in the boy's uniform let alone prom in cosplay
9. Who is your favourite artist on Deviantart and why?
UM well the bae lolimlolx makes me really jel because how u do the draw and also AstroZombieSoup i'm rly jealous of u both because ur styles are so rad and i just can't even
10. What do you usually draw?
los perros

Questions for the ppl I tag
1. How often do you draw?
2. What is your least favourite season and why?
3. What is the most overrated film, in your opinion?
4. Why do bus drivers always wave at each other?
5. Do you have a favourite book, or a story that's stuck with you over the years?
6. What is your most favourite fictional character from a severly underrated fandom?
7. Are there any films you wish were books, or books you wish were films or games you wish were books etc.?
8. What is one thing you love to draw but rarely do so?
9. Do you look up to/are you inspired by anyone significantly younger than you?
10. Are any of your OCs somewhat based on pre-existing fictional characters from a media you were inspired by?

I tag
1. AngelCakkes
2. gaameboy
3. AstroZombieSoup
10. coonie98

only do it if u want to tho
tag commission by UchawiWild
tag commission
an air mweor tag commission for someone on mweor that was uber fun to draw but also it resurfaced my hatred of drawing backgrounds.

art (c) UchawiWild
mweor (c) kah and idess


UchawiWild's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
jackson; english teen; awkward; amateur cartoonist; highly unskilled animator.

i'm stuck in the limbo between losing the ability to draw generic dogs and gaining the ability to draw generic humans.

batman is life. ♥

i animate stuff sometimes.

my lover, my life, my shawty, my wife.

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